Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sign of the times, from Tupperware Parties to Gold Parties

What seems to be going on in living rooms across America with mom’s overrun with daily chores, household duties and job expectations is a party bringing groups of curious neighbors to find out how much money is hiding in their closets, shelves and jewelry boxes. With gold prices on the rise and oil prices pushing prices further a neTupperware to Gold partiesw business is born in living rooms across America. The business was started by an innovator as brilliant as the Tupperware inventor himself. In early 2008, January Thomas decided to create a business around the famous Tupperware model that was focused on gold.

It was all back in the year 1946 that a famous inventor named Earl Silas Tupper came up with a ground breaking design and business plan that changed the face of America. The product was dubbed as Tupperware and gained it’s famous and patented, “burping seal” trademark that became well known throughout kitchens of the country. The business was built through women returning from jobs they had acquired during World War II. After returning from jobs that proved to women they had the skills to do business, they started forming “jubilee” celebrations honoring top sellers of Tupperware. Within 16 years Tupperware become an international brand known throughout the world. Now looking down the road in current affairs and the new face of the American economy, we see a new business built off the same core model of business fundamentals and viral opportunity.

This business is built in American homes and is modeled to be replicated throughout the American countryside and the world. This new business is not built off of burping Tupperware products, but comes from a raw material that is mined from the depths of the earth. Just as people rushed to the West for riches in the exploration of gold, people are rushing into living roGold Party collectionoms to hawk up their possessions of love, gifts, heirlooms and other possessions that are made of gold. In the hills of suburbia lies a mine deeper than was once realized, the overfilled or forgotten jewelry box or attic.

The business was not created from thin air, but festered from a marriage that brought Mrs. Thomas into a jewelry-dealing family that opened her eyes to what gold was worth, once it was liquidated into dollars. With rough times facing many lower and middle-class families in America, Mrs. Thomas decided to start a new business that played middleman to the gold refinery business and named it My Gold Party. Typically, it’s a tossup what you might get when liquidating a piece of jewelry, a watch or even coins that are made of gold but with this new business model, the value of the gold is told to the owner within minutes.

While you won’t come home with something to store food in, you will come home with a check or cash if you decide to let go of your gold belongings. With foreclosures, tight credit and tough times seeming inevitable, people are giving up gold for dollars. Homes around America are allowing people in a hard situation or looking to have more liquidity, cash in with their unwanted gold. In fact, another company that calls itself is seeing a dramatic rise with the changing face of the economy. When looking at the business that goes through companies like Cash4Gold, 25,000 gold transaction are rushing through the company operations in a month.

If you take a look at the gold prices in public markets like, you’ll see that gold is starting once again to show some strength. Since a low of $845 an ounce in May 2008, gold has pushed back to levels around $935 an ounce. With oil prices going over $135 a barrel tBlack Goldhe price of gold is soon to find a related upward momentum that could take it back to lifetime record highs of $1,030.80. Respected financial institutions like Goldman Sachs predict prices of oil to reach $200 a barrel, now other major financial institutions, investors and oil producers are talking about prices around $500 a barrel.

As oil receives it’s price pressures from speculators, it’s pushing up gas prices in every home in the world. The double sided result is a weight on household finances and a growing rise in a commodity like gold that is very closely related to the uncertainty of markets causing household financial pressures. The gold business is booming and parties all across America are cashing in. For $700 anyone can start up their own Gold Party business and seek the gold some don’t even know is hiding in their homes. Tupperware has seen a slight decline in modern times, but a business built off the same model aims to cash in on a recession economy that opens a new door.

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